The Bank of Tanzania issues DPO Pay a license

The Bank of Tanzania issues DPO Pay a license. The Bank of Tanzania has given the leading African provider of digital payments, DPO Pay, registered as One Payment Tanzania Limited, permission to operate as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) in the nation. All PSPs must go through a rigorous licensing application process in order to offer payment services in Tanzania, according to the National Payment System Act of 2015.

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region’s top digital commerce enabler, Network International, just acquired DPO Pay, which has been running successfully throughout Africa since 2006. To provide secure and continuous services for its merchants and clients, the payments provider has worked closely with regulators throughout the continent to get fresh licenses as needs vary in each nation.

In addition to hotels and resorts in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar, where it has substantial experience in the travel and tourist industry, DPO Pay has achieved great recognition and confidence from notable businesses across a variety of industries. Additionally, the business has positioned itself as the go-to payment option for significant merchants in the area, including businesses in the airline and hotel, online retail, and logistics sectors. DPO Pay continues to look for partnerships with elite companies and brands with a clear eye toward growing its network while also attending to the unique needs of merchants in a range of industries.

The Bank of Tanzania issues DPO Pay a license

“We are pleased to receive this approval from the Bank of Tanzania, which highlights our steadfast commitment to compliance and regulatory standards,” said Judy Waruiru, managing director of DPO Pay.

This accomplishment shows our commitment to promoting financial inclusion and economic development in Tanzania and giving companies of all sizes the tools they need to succeed in the digital age. We will keep placing a high priority on transaction security while upholding strict data protection policies and industry best practices.

Customers and businesses may interact with confidence because to the company’s strong security measures, which protect sensitive data and uphold the highest standards of integrity. The recently upgraded DPO Pay Mobile software allows businesses to accept payments anywhere at any time.

Businesses and people across the continent can accept both domestic and foreign payment methods thanks to DPO Pay’s effective payment solutions. In order to help businesses of all sizes in more than 20 countries, it has developed integrated payments technology. This technology enables them to securely and quickly accept payments in numerous currencies using a variety of payment methods, including cards, mobile money, bank transfers, USSD, and EFT.

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