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How to pay for abroad education with Naira

How to pay for abroad education with Naira. Nigerians have struggled for a long time to pay the tuition at international universities. They are either hampered by bank restrictions or disappointed by the scarcity of foreign exchange. However, African clients can now easily pay a range of fees to educational institutions both inside and outside of Africa using their local currencies thanks to Flutterwave’s Tuition service.

Tuition is intended to make payments simpler and to address the issues that students, whether they are studying domestically or abroad, encounter while paying school fees in foreign currencies.

How to pay for abroad education with Naira

You can follow these simple instructions to use Tuition to pay your foreign fees.

1. Create a profile for your tuition.

Visit the Tuition platform’s official website to begin utilizing it. To fast finish the sign-up process, enter your email address, Google, or Apple login.

2. Send your data in

After enrolling your school, enter your student information and any required payment details.

3. Verify the details

It’s simple to believe you’ve entered the right data. However, we suggest that you double-check everything before proceeding with payment. Reversing payments that were incorrectly processed could be exceedingly challenging. You can pay using Google Pay, your standard Naira debit card, or a bank transfer.

4. Payment confirmation

Tuition will confirm your payment with your school within 24 hours. You’ll receive regular updates on the status of your payment during the confirmation process.

Final thoughts regarding tuition payments

The payment of tuition for UK school fees is currently available in Nigeria and will probably also be made possible in other African countries. Speaking of how Flutterwave calculates currency rates for payments, they do so using daily FX market rates. They therefore urge you to estimate the amount that will go to your academic institution by checking the currency rate on the day you wish to make payments. Additionally, there is a 20 GBP one-time fee levied by Flutterwave for any payment handled by Tuition.

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