SAS’s Dedication to Developing South African Youth

SAS’s Dedication to Developing South African Youth. In the dynamic landscape of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), SAS, a globally recognized leader in analytics, is reinforcing its dedication to fostering the potential of South Africa’s youth. By recognizing the vital role young individuals play in shaping the future, SAS is channeling its efforts towards investing in innovative learnership, internship, and mentorship programs. This commitment is not only a strategy for sustainable growth but also a catalyst for inclusive wealth creation in the nation.

Equipping Youth for the Digital Era: SAS’s Vision

SAS has a clear vision: to empower South African youth to not just survive, but thrive, in the digital age. With a focus on equipping them with essential skills and the right mindset, SAS’s internship program takes center stage. This initiative is carefully designed to offer hands-on experience within the industry, coupled with comprehensive training in analytics. Adesh Nathalal, Education Manager at SAS in South Africa, emphasizes the program’s objective of providing a practical understanding of the analytics landscape.

Championing Diversity and Inclusivity

Beyond technical expertise, SAS is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity. In a remarkable collaboration with Sparrow FET, SAS has invested in the education of 12 disabled learners during the 2022/23 period. These learners are currently engaged in a 12-month IT End User Computing NQF3 course. This sponsorship underscores SAS’s commitment to enhancing demographic diversity within South Africa’s technology industry.

Adesh Nathalal highlights the significance of this collaboration, stating that SAS’s partnership with Sparrow FET is a testament to their unwavering dedication to inclusivity and diversity within the tech space. He expresses pride in supporting and sponsoring this diverse group of learners, reflecting the company’s values and commitment.

Forging Pathways through Partnerships

SAS’s impact extends through strategic partnerships with local universities. The learnership and internship programs are instrumental in nurturing educational growth and skills development. Collaborations with institutions such as North-West University’s Centre for Business Mathematics and Informatics, the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the University of the Western Cape provide young talents with valuable practical experiences and career opportunities in the realm of analytics and data science.

In the past year, SAS took a significant step with the launch of the Teachers4DataAnalytics program, a collaborative effort between SAS and the University of KwaZulu-Natal. This pioneering initiative aims to equip hundreds of teachers with the tools needed to inspire students to pursue careers in data analytics, creating a ripple effect of knowledge and curiosity.

Cultivating Essential ‘Power Skills’

In the ever-evolving workplace, technical skills are only part of the equation for success. SAS places equal importance on nurturing ‘power skills’ such as curiosity, creativity, and communication. These aptitudes are increasingly sought after, contributing to holistic professional growth.

Adesh Nathalal underscores the need for companies to adapt their policies and strategies to embrace these crucial ‘power skills.’ He emphasizes that organizations must evolve to incorporate and leverage these skills, as they are essential for resilience, adaptability, and maintaining a competitive edge in the era of 4IR technologies.

Shaping the Future: SAS’s Impact

SAS’s commitment to empowering and enabling young talent extends beyond technical proficiency. By creating an environment conducive to growth and learning, SAS is effectively shaping the next generation of tech leaders. These emerging leaders are poised to steer South Africa into the promising era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond. This transformative journey solidifies the country’s stance on the global digital stage, positioning it as a contender in the world of innovation and technology.

Andre Zitzke, Manager: Global Academic Programs in Africa for SAS, encapsulates the essence of this journey. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, SAS is fostering an environment where young talents can explore, excel, and contribute to the exciting realm of data science.

SAS’s Dedication to Developing South African Youth

In a world where data drives decisions and innovation propels progress, SAS stands as a pioneering force. With a rich legacy of transforming data into intelligence through innovative software and services, SAS continues to empower customers worldwide. However, its impact transcends analytics; it extends to the heart of education, mentorship, and inclusivity. Through strategic alliances, mentorship programs, and a dedication to fostering ‘power skills,’ SAS is lighting the path towards a brighter, more inclusive, and prosperous future for South Africa’s youth.

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